How does Get Me Quotes work?

This should be easy and we’re here to make sure it is. There is never a charge for our service. Simply fill out the form and we will connect you with Top Contractors in your area. You are at liberty to make a decision on your own time. If you have any questions, contact at 1-866-481-7500.

How do I know which contractors are best?

It's always tempting to make a decision based solely on price. But you should consider the company's history and viability, as well as any guarantees and insurance/bonding they offer on their services. And, perhaps mostly importantly, base your decision on your personal interaction with the contractor. If you feel comfortable and that the contractor is trustworthy and honest, then your gut instinct is probably the best indicator of what contractor is right for you.

Is there a fee to finding contractors on GMQ?

Never. Our service is 100% free to you.

What happens after filling out the form?

We will match your request with vendors in your area and send them the details of your personal request. If the contractor thinks it is a project they are able and willing to perform, they will contact you and provide a competitive quote. At times they need to gather more information before preparing a quote. They will reach out to you via phone and email to introduce themselves and verify the information on the services you are requesting. You are not required to choose a contractor in any given timeframe. Your choice is just that – yours. Contact us if we can help you at all with your decision-making process. 1-866-481-7500.