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Welcome to Get Me Quotes, the leader in lead generation services, where vendors like you can purchase pre-qualified leads in your industry.

Are you looking to grow your business, and gain new customers, but tired of spending money on advertising that doesn't work?

Get Me Quotes is an innovative and cost effective way for you to gain new customers for pennies on the dollar.

The benefits of Get Me Quotes versus traditional advertising are endless!

 Traditional advertising


expensive up-front costs

little up-front costs

result not guaranteed

guaranteed results

long-term contracts

no contracts

hard to measure effectiveness

pay per performance only

passive advertising usually lists your ad,
but does not pursue clients

we aggressively pursue customers for you


Through our family of sites, we generate leads for a wide range of industries.

Our system works like this:

1. Simply fill out the online registration form and select the type of leads that you want to receive.

2. Select which areas you want to receive leads for.

3. Once approved, you'll begin receiving leads for your industry.

Itís that simple!

Our leads are prescreened to save you time and money. Once a customer request is made, our verification specialist calls the client to verify the lead. If the lead passes our prescreening process, the lead is sent to you via email or text message.

The best part of our service is the cost!

Get Me Quotes operates as a pay per lead service. In other words, you only pay for the leads that you would like to pursue.

Leads range in cost, please contact us to learn the costs for leads in your industry.

There are no contracts, and you can cancel at any time.

We offer leads for less than our competitors, and we limit the number of vendors in each city, So sign up now!


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