Considering Breast Augmentation in Portland?

If you want to fnd the best plastic surgeons in Portland, for augmentaion mammoplasty, commonly known as breast augmentation or a "boob job", GetMeQuotes can help. Just make a request and one of our patient coordinators will match your needs with the best plastic surgeon in Portland. We have over 20 plastic surgeons in the area to choose from and we also offer financing for breast augmentation and other procedures.

What to expect after breast augmentation?

After surgery, it is common for the patient to be sore and drowsy for a few days. Many patients experience the effects for up to a week and although you are able to move around after 48 hours, it is best to restrict your movements.

Full recovery can vary and the factors that influence recovery have to do with your health, age, the degree of the breast enlagement and how well you listen to your plastic surgeon's instructions.

What is the cost for breast enlargement in Portland?

Breast augmentaton is elective surgery and you must know that it is not covered by insurance. Costs vary and although there are cosmetic surgeons that charge as low as a few thousand dollars, the average is closer to $5,500. Do not make your decision based on cost.

There are many plastic surgeons in Portland that specialize in breast enhancement so make sure you look at plenty before and after photos and even talk to past patients to ask questions.


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