Things to consider before purchasing doors and windows

Before you go shopping for replacement doors, do a bit of planning. Determine which doors you need to replace. Come up with a budget before you ask for quotes and stick to it. Determine if you are buying purely based on design or if you are purchasing doors to serve a purpose. For instance, doors if you live in the coast or you can also purchase security doors. Buy doors in the offseason to save. Never wait until a hurricane is announced before you decide to install hurricane doors, for example. You would be paying a steep installation fee.

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Purchase when no one else is. Do not purchase when everyone is building or before a seasonal time that requires new door repalcement.
Hire only liccensed contractors to do the door replacement. Many customers try to save money by hiring the cheapest contract and it usually doesnt pay off in the long run.
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How Storm Windows Can be Energy Efficient:

One of the best ways to improve your home's energy efficiency is to replace old windows with new, energy-efficient windows. While there are many types of energy-efficient windows on the market, a low cost alternative can be just to install storm windows. But note that as storm windows add little to the insulating performance of windows, they can help to reduce air movement in and out of existing windows, therefore reducing heating and cooling costs.
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