Question: How does GetMeQuotes benefit me as a vendor?

Answer: Traditional advertising requires that you spend advertising dollars without any guarantees that you will get customers. GMQ is a pay per performance where you only pay if we find local customers that match the services that you offer.

Question: How does GMQ work?

Answer: We have two types of service. The first one is a pay per lead service where you pay for exclusive or non exclusive internet leads of customers that are looking for your services. The second service is called pay per call. We assign a phone number for you and we market you in our network of sites. Customers can then call you directly and do business with you. Each time that a legitimate lead comes in you will be charged a fee for the call (the charge depends on the type of service). You can participate in Pay Per Leads with our Basic Package or you can participate in both by signing up to our Gold Package.

Question: How much does it cost to join GMQ?

Answer: Each industry is different but you could get started with less than $100. You pay as you go with no strings attached. If the system doesn’t work for you, you can cancel anytime and we will even give you back your unused funds. If you become a Gold Member and we assign a phone number to your company that not only sends real customers to you but also provides you with a digital recording of each lead, there is also a $29 per month fee.

Question: What if I want to cancel my service?

Answer: Just give us a 30 day written notice by emailing us to [email protected] and we will refund any unused funds.

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